Ilustrated Instructions

Each set of cards comes with written rules and illustrated “How to play” instructions. This page will give an overview of the game and explain special circumstances and FAQs. Instructions in French & Khmer are coming soon! General Instructions: Object: The object is to build, carve, and populate an Angkor temple. You must work togetherContinue reading “Ilustrated Instructions”

Colorful Playing Cards

Each deck includes 179 colorful playing cards featuring all the people, animals, and resources needed to build a temple and a prosperous agrarian society! Be careful of Event Cards, including Honor the Gods and Cham Invasion. You must play your cards correctly to train laborers to become Apsaras and make the gods happy or produce enough riceContinue reading “Colorful Playing Cards”

About the Game & its Creator

City of Glory card game was created by Trevor Ranges, author of the National Geographer Traveler: Cambodia guidebook. This game is intended to support various Cambodian social enterprises by featuring them on particular playing cards, including apsaras, artisans, circus performers, and elephants. Why buy the game? It’s a family fun game that requires players toContinue reading “About the Game & its Creator”