Unboxing your new game!

Thank you for purchasing a City of Glory card game. Chances are that you or a loved one has recently visited Cambodia with a box full of cards and now you’re ready to learn how to play.

The 2nd edition of the game has two ways to play: Standard Instructions, a fully-collaborative game in which all players win or lose as a team; and Clash of Kings, which is semi-collaborative, meaning that there can only be an individual winner if all players also win as a team.

Note that you should only play Clash of Kings rules after you have learned how to play by the Standard rules, which is why I’ve hidden this rulebook at the bottom of the box. Otherwise, make sure that you do not use the Clash of Kings expansion cards in Standard play. Here is a video about the Clash of Kings rules and expansion cards and here is a video about separating the cards before Standard Gameplay.

After that, the Standard Rules and the 1st edition Youtube Videos should have you on your way. One note about the 2nd edition rulebook. There’s an error on page 8 of the Standard Instructions: the icons for the Artisan and Laterite cards in this player’s hand are reversed.

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