The Cards

Each deck includes 237 colorful playing cards featuring all the people, animals, and resources needed to build a temple and a prosperous agrarian society! Be careful of Event Cards, including Honor the Gods and Cham Invasion. You must play your cards correctly to train laborers to become Apsaras and make the gods happy or produce enough rice to feed elephants who can fight to protect your city.

People & Animals

Laborer – Grow rice, build the temple, or train as an Artisan or Apsara

Apsara – Train as an Apsara and dance at the temple to honor the gods

Elephant Helps build the temple faster, but eats a lot.

Event Cards

Honor the Gods– To please the gods it’s best to send Apsaras to dance.

Find a Buffalo – Buffaloes come and buffaloes go, so an Angkor saying goes.

Usurper – One of two dangers to the throne, beware of the Usurper.

Rice – Building a temple requires feeding a lot of mouths. Make sure you devote plenty of labor to growing rice.

Sandstone -The stone is soft and smooth, and can be carved by skilled Artisans to reveal scenes of beauty.

Laterite -This iron-rich clay is used to make giant bricks that form the foundation of any temple.

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