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Object: The object is to build, carve, and populate an Angkor temple. You must work together to accomplish this task. There are no individual winners or losers.

Number of players: The game is designed for 4 players but, if there are 2 players each may play 2 hands, and if 3 players, the 4th hand can either be played by consensus agreement or by taking turns after each Harvest. 

The Playing Area: The playing area consists of The Temple: a 16-card square in the center of the table where the temple is to be built and 4 Villages, one in front of each player. The Village in front of each player consists of a 3 by 4 card grid that provides space for 12 cards to be placed in front of each player (Note: More than 12 cards may be placed in each village grid because Buffalo, Elephant, and Artisan’s chisel cards are played on top of Laborers.

Winning the game: The game is won when the temple is completed as follows: 1. A 16-card square of Laterite has been laid down, covered with Sandstone, and decorated by Artisans; 2. The interior of the temple includes: 3 towers of carved Sandstone in the center of the temple with Sacred Sword & Silver Nandin placed atop two side towers; 3 Apsaras are dancing in front of the towers and the King, Queen, and Priest are inside the temple.

Losing the game: The game is lost if the temple is not completed before all the cards in the stock have been drawn or the community has failed because there was not enough rice to feed them after a Harvest or while honoring the gods.

Below are some videos from the City of Glory YouTube channel to teach you how to play. Stay tuned for more videos, including “Round 1”, “The Harvest”, and “Building the Temple” as well as instructions in French and Khmer!

It takes a few tries to get a feel for the gameplay but the rules are quite common sense: for example, an elephant can help you build more quickly but can not help you carve sandstone decorations any faster.

How to play city of glory card game
How to play city of glory card game

“A lion-man, he tore the enemy

with the claws of his grandeur.”

~ Yasovarman, “Protected by Glory”,
guardian of the honor of the solar race of Sri Kambu,
founder of Yasodharapura, City of Glory (889 CE)

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Trevor Ranges
Street 240
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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