Clash of Kings semi-collaborative/competitive gameplay

While those who helped me create the original rules of the game loved collaborating, soon they were asking for competitive rules: put simply, they wanted to win as individuals.

Clash of Kings still requires all villages to work together to build the temple or fail together as a society. However, points are accumulated for growing rice, carving sculptures to decorate the temple, and claiming the throne with your King (and other royal cards). Expansion cards (and instructions) for Clash of Kings competitive gameplay are now available in all second edition games, available from November 20, 2021.

Clash of Kings rules

NOTE: Certain cards should ONLY be used in Clash of Kings gameplay and must be removed whenever playing Standard Rules. These include five Victory Point cards, one Leper King card, one City Gate card, six Elephant statue cards, six Lion statue cards, four additional King cards, two more Queen cards, another Priest card, and an extra Sacred Sword and Silver Nandin.

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