City of Glory & Creator Trevor Ranges

City of Glory card game was created by Trevor Ranges, author of the National Geographer Traveler: Cambodia guidebook. This game is intended to promote interest in the temples of Angkor and support various Cambodian social enterprises by featuring them on particular playing cards, including apsaras, artisans, circus performers, and elephants.

Why buy the game?

  • It’s a family fun game that requires players to work together to win or lose as a team. It requires communication, collaboration, and strategy.
  • Every aspect of the game is intended to recreate the experience of an ancient Khmer kingdom of the Angkor era.
  • Many social enterprises are experiencing extreme financial challenges as tourism to Cambodia has disappeared.

This passion project began after the COVID pandemic shut down the tourism industry in Cambodia. I was previously Product Manager at EXO Travel Cambodia. Some of my free time has been spent creating this game, 50 sets of which were completed on November 1, just in time for the holidays! ~ Trevor Ranges, Phnom Penh – November 10, 2020.

Contact: +855-69-826-932

Skype: AlohaTrev

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