Immerse yourself in the spirit of ancient Angkor

Each player in City of Glory oversees a village, where laborers can farm or work on building an Angkor temple. Train your laborers as Apsaras to dance for the gods or as Artisans to decorate the temple. Grow rice to support your kingdom. Buy buffaloes and elephants to grow rice and build more quickly. Complete the temple before the gods no longer favor your city or its king. City of Glory is a collaborative, family-friendly card game that captures the spirit of ancient Cambodian kingdoms.

Below is a video from the City of Glory YouTube channel that will help you learn how to play. Visit the YouTube channel or click on the link above (Instructional Videos) to watch all the current videos.

About City of Glory

Clash of Kings rules & expansion cards.

The 2nd edition of City of Glory features two rule books for different gameplay. Standard instructions are at the top of the box and Clash of Kings rules are at the bottom. When first opening your box, it’s important to keep certain cards separate for use only in Clash of Kings gameplay. Watch the video…

Unboxing your new game!

Thank you for purchasing a City of Glory card game. Chances are that you or a loved one has recently visited Cambodia with a box full of cards and now you’re ready to learn how to play. The 2nd edition of the game has two ways to play: Standard Instructions, a fully-collaborative game in which…

Ilustrated Instructions

Each box comes with an illustrated instruction book for standard rules and a separate sheet for Clash of Kings, competitive gameplay with expansion cards (included). Instructions in French & Khmer are coming soon! Until then, Watch “How to Play” videos on YouTube. NOTE: Certain cards should ONLY be used in Clash of Kings gameplay and…

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