About the Game & its Creator

City of Glory card game was created by Trevor Ranges, author of the National Geographer Traveler: Cambodia guidebook. This game is intended to support various Cambodian social enterprises by featuring them on particular playing cards, including apsaras, artisans, circus performers, and elephants.

Why buy the game?

  • It’s a family fun game that requires players to work together to win or lose as a team. It requires communication, collaboration, and strategy.
  • Every aspect of the game is intended to recreate the experience of an ancient Khmer kingdom of the Angkor era.
  • Many social enterprises are experiencing extreme financial challenges as tourism to Cambodia has disappeared.

This passion project began before I was laid off from my job as Product Manager at EXO Travel Cambodia as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Some of my free time has been spent creating this game, which is nearly ready for partnerships, sale, and playing with anyone who would like to play! ~ Trevor Ranges, Phnom Penh – June 12, 2020.

Published by Talk Travel Asia

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