The Temples of Yasodharapura

The Great Kings of Yasodharapura

WINING & SCORING: If you win the game by completely building and carving the temple with all the temple cards placed inside and have enough rice to feed everyone at the Final Harvest, place the Linga in the center tower. If you wish to keep score, count how much rice you have in the rice bank after the final harvest and compare yourself to one of these legendary Kings of Angkor:

  • 150 – 250: Jayavarman VII – Bayon
  • 125 – 150: Suryavarman II – Angkor Wat
  • 100 – 125: Yasovarman – Bakheng
  • 75 -100: Suryavarman I – Phimeanakas
  • 25 – 75: Rajendravarman II – Baksei Chamkrong
  • 0 – 25: Udayadityavarman II – Baphuon

Click on an image to learn about a temple and it’s king.


King Jayavarman VII Protected by Victory

Buddhism Late 12th Century

Angkor Wat

King Suryavarman II Protected by the Sun

Hinduism: Vishnu Early-mid 12th


King Yasovarman II Protected by Glory

Hinduism: Shiva Late 9th – early 10th


King Udayadityavarman Protected by the Rising Sun

Hinduism: Shiva Mid-11th

Baksei Chamkrong

King Rajendravarman II Protected by the Lord of King

Hinduism: Ancestral Mid 10th


King Suryavarman I Protected by. the Sun

Hinduism Late-10th

A lion man, he tore his enemies with the claws of his grandeur.”

Yasovarman II, founder of Yasodharapura

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