Kings & Queens of Yasodharapura

The Royals of Yasodharapura

Chronology of Kings

  • Jayavarman II
  • Indravarman
  • Yasovarman
  • Rajendravarman
  • Etc

Click on an image to learn about a king, the temples constructed during his reign, and the photo on the card.

Jayavarman VII

Protected by Victory The Great Builder The Compassionate One

Buddhism Late 12th Century

Suryavarman II

Protected by the Sun

Constructed Angkor Wat in honor of Vishnu

Suryavarman I

Protected by the Sun Longest ruling king and possibly greatest general.



Protected by the Lord of Victory. Savior of Yashodharapura.

The Silver Nandin

Palladium of Cambodia

Jayavarman II

Protected by. Victory First King of Angkor

Jayavarman IV?

The king who built a new capital to rival Yasodharapura.

Sacred Sword

Pictured at Angkor Wat, the Preah Khan temple was named in its honor.


The king who tried to save a dynasty.

A lion man, he tore his enemies with the claws of his grandeur.”

Yasovarman II, founder of Yasodharapura

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